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Pug birthday shenanigans

I am an adopted pug.

I was born in 2006 at a breeder’s (my mommy suspects it was a puppy mill) and sold to a lady who later gave me up to a shelter for “behavior problems.”

Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue came and got me and placed me in a nice big foster home with a very nice lady, her patient husband and a great group of dogs. They got me neutered on my 2nd birthday, what a gift! That helped calm me down some. My foster mom taught me to sit and wait before eating. Other than that I didn’t really have a lot of manners or education.

My mommy had been wanting a dog so badly for so long and really loved this goofy pug she tells me about named Winston. (She took care of him for a while when his mommy’s heart was sick.) She waited and waited until she could provide a dog a good home & care. Then she contacted pug rescue and went through an application process.

They sent her to meet a shy pug and although she really liked him, she was concerned that her lifestyle was not a match for his nervousness. Her dog would meet a lot of people and other dogs every day and he’d rather not.

So after talking with my foster mom, she drove a long way to meet me. She knows a lot about dogs, so even though she was super excited, she played it cool and was very calm during the introduction. This put me at ease and I felt comfortable with her and it went really well. Being the clown that I am, I showed off of course by jumping all over the furniture but I enjoyed getting close to her and getting petted nicely. It went so well that my foster mom thought she should go ahead and take me home to see how it would go at her house and at her job with other dogs.

We both made some mistakes in the beginning but we knew we were going to be together forever and we learned as we got to know each other better.

Mommy took me to training and got me used to other dogs and people and it turns out that “aggression” I supposedly had wasn’t so bad. I just bark when something is unfamiliar. I have a great time when I go to doggy daycare or the dog park.

We have been together almost a decade now. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun!

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